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In 2022, seeing the right demand and regulatory environment, they launched InsectBiotech to address agricultural residues and produce sustainable protein, oil, and fertilizer, leveraging their extensive experience with the world’s largest companies.

InsectBiotech is dedicated to converting agricultural residues into sustainable protein, oil, and fertiliser using Black Soldier Fly larvae.

We’ve identified Andalusia’s abundant olive pomace as an ideal feedstock and developed proprietary pre-treatment methods to optimise larvae growth and waste conversion.

With successful trials and patent filings underway, we now operate two small farms to demonstrate their process. InsectBiotech seeks additional funding and partnerships to expand operations and build a large-scale factory.

The founders

All three of us have a long standing professional and personal interest in helping businesses protect and enhance nature and communities.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s largest companies for more than fifty years, combined. We know just how supply chains are fast evolving to demand more sustainable products that help reduce emissions and shift towards restoring nature and the environment.

Early years

We started researching how we would make InsectBiotech work, years ago. We waited until the demand, the supply chain and the regulatory environment were right.

2022 – Present

In 2022 that moment arrived. We realised it was time to get started. The stars had aligned.

First, we had to figure out how – and why – we are different from other companies.

That’s because we want to REALLY tackle two problems at the same time: Removing agricultural residues, and make much needed, sustainable protein, oil and fertiliser.

How it came together

Ben took a holiday in Andalusia. He saw our future amongst the olive groves of Spain. Andalusia produces the largest amount of olive pomace residue in the world, in one place. So we bet on olive crop residues. There’s 4.8m tonnes of it per year in Andalusia alone.

So, what happens now?

We need to raise more capital to extend our trials, hire key people, and begin raising capital to build our first big factory. We’ve found exactly where we want to put that factory, and we’re working out just when to get started on building it.

How you can help

Contact us if you want to help with that. You can help by: Funding us, supplying us, working for us, partnering with us, or buying from us.


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