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Market opportunity

The market opportunity encompasses three products: animal protein, insect oil, and organic fertilizer. These products cater pet food companies, aquaculture operators, various agricultural businesses such as wineries, and suppliers of livestock.

Our innovative approach and commitment to sustainability make us a leader in transforming residues into valuable resources.

Strong business relationships

Our competitive advantage lies in our strong business relationships with key customers and our ability to access low-cost insect substrate in bulk, which enhances our profitability. IBG was established by seasoned executives dedicated to embodying sustainability principles from the start.

Vision for growth

Our vision and growth plan involves producing a minimum of 150,000 tonnes of high-quality larvae and removing 600,000 tonnes of crop residues. We aim to achieve this by 2031

The path to €500M enterprise value by 2031

Reaching a €500M enterprise value by 2031 is ambitious but achievable with a strategic, multi-faceted approach. We are focused on market expansion, product diversification, and operational excellence.

Our key steps include securing capital through equity and debt financing, investing significantly in research and development to drive innovation, and enhancing our brand presence with effective sales and marketing strategies.

Cultivating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, along with implementing robust risk management practices and sustainability initiatives, are central to our strategy.

Stage 1


Jan 2024 to July 2024
  • Feed mix trials
  • Pre-treatment
  • Bioconversion rates
  • File patent applications
  • Constructing R&D unit at U. Granada.
Stage 2

Pilot & Preparation

July 2024 to Dec 2024
  • Further optimising feed mix trials
  • Validating bio-conversions
  • Testing mechanical & biological pre-treatment
  • Frass & protein field tests
  • €1.5M Investment
Stage 3

10,000 tonnes larvae

June 2025 to Dec 2026
  • 10,000m2 facility
    Construction starts June 25 and completes Dec 26
  • Depreciation 25 years
  • Generating revenues from Jan 2027
  • €9M Revenue per annum
    10,000 tonnes BSFL
  • Total investment €35M
Stage 4

150,000 tonnes larvae

Jan 2027 to Dec 2030
  • 3 to 5 facilities across Andalucia
  • Converting 600,000 tonnes of residue
  • €144M revenue per annum
  • Generate 300+ jobs
  • EBITDA c50%
  • Total investment circa €300M from EU Funds, debt, regional development grants and equity


Sustainability is the very heart of our business. The other pages on this site show our track record, our purpose and how our work hugely reduces emissions. We have a comprehensive sustainability plan already in place, embedded into our business planning, and are happy to share that with stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability drives continuous innovation and improvement across all our operations.

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Community value

IB will be creating well paid jobs in rural Spain from the very start. We’ve just hired our first employees. Each factory we build will create significant Economic Value Add (EVA) for the communities in which we operate. We will report annually on our EVA for the region as it grows.

Our sourcing agreements with local olive oil producers will ensure constant cash flow back into the areas where we operate. We’ll be buying tens of thousands of tonnes of olive pomace per year.

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